About You

So you're here because...

You may have heard that yoga might be good for you, but have no idea where to begin...

You know what you eat affects your health, but are confused by all the conflicting nutrition advice you receive from friends and the media.

Chances are you’ve been thrown about by life a bit, and as a result, you are leaning toward trying a new, healthier lifestyle. This means taking your health into your own hands and you appreciate the empowerment in that approach. 

Aging gracefully is important, especially since you are starting to notice changes to your body, or have been for awhile.

You have movement limitations, excess weight, or both. You may consider yourself inflexible, so are unwilling to try a class that isn’t sensitive to your concerns. 

Your life has met with chronic or acute illness or injury. You’ve diligently seen medical doctors and specialists with limited results. Now you find yourself open to exploring alternative means to aid in the relief of your discomfort and pain. 

 As a highly sensitive person (HSP), you may often experience being over-stimulated, stressed-out & overwhelmed. An environment that’s supportive and encouraging, open and honest, would be ideal{It is estimated that 15-20% of the population is HSP, with the associated biological difference in their nervous system. To see if you are a HSP, take this test.}

Where does the Red Barn fit in?

Yoga at the Red Barn is simple and accessible to all types of bodies. Why? Because it's not necessary to do extreme acrobatic-type movements to gain the myriad health benefits of yoga and it's far safer and more therapeutic for your body, too!

Here you'll find a down-to-earth approach to wellness through the sciences of yoga, meditation, biomat & energy work, and nutrition

I invite you to relax and enjoy learning about breathing, mindful movement and more in one of our small group classes. 

Even better, schedule a free private initial consultation where we'll get to know each other and make sure I’m aware of your issues and concerns.

Trying something new always has an element of scary- we are creatures of comfort- but the benefits far outweight the fear factor. The Red Barn is a comfortable, home-away-from-home to discover feeling better through yoga, meditation, and so much more. Drop in and see!