Emily Pearl Alfano

Hi! My name is Emily Pearl Alfano, founder of Red Barn Wellness.

After almost two decades, I was called to return to the one place that's always been my hearts' true home, the Berkshires of western Massachusetts. And now that I'm back, I am beyond excited to be sharing all I've learned over the last 16 years with my community, family and friends!

And where have I been? Well, lots of places...

I moved to California from the east coast in the late ninties and began meditating in 1998 with my teacher Victor Byrd of Long Beach Meditation. At the same time I began learning about yoga {Victor was a yoga teacher for twenty years prior and would teach yoga at all our retreats}. I've been attending silent meditation retreats practically every year since then. 

I certainly had a rough adolescence and twenty-something period. Anti-depressants, lots of pyschological diagnoses, drugs, etc. Then I graduated from the University of California at Davis in 2005 with a B.S. in Environmental Science.

My life seemed to be shifting for the better. A few years after graduation, my life was where it was 'supposed' to be. I had everything we're told to want- the great job {as an Environmental Scientist}, great place to live {garden, picket fence}, it was approaching marriage and kids with my long-time boyfriend- I had made it, right? 

Well, apparently not... Instead of drugs I drank a bottle of wine a night, instead of anti-depressants I distracted myself with extreme workaholism. Somehow that perfect concoction to make me content continued to elude me.

And then, as if by divine intervention, enough was enough. The economy tanked, my great job became abusive and quite unintentionally I broke up with my boyfriend.

A couple months later, in the beginning of 2010, I walked away from my career as an Environmental Scientist, gave away all of my possessions, and embarked on a solo-journey.

Crazy, right?!

Well, for such a blessed soul, I noticed I spent an awful lot of my life suffering. I knew there had to be something more to this existence, I obviously needed to heal something, and I was determined to find out the truth!

With my savings in hand, I dove into a world I'd only dreamt about.

I spent the next 3 years traveling and studying with master teachers of yoga and Buddhism. I soaked up as many experiences as I could (the uplifting, inspiring, world-view changing ones- no wild parties for this traveler;).

In India and Thailand, my understanding of healing expanded to the subtle energy world. I learned that my sensitivity that had been such a curse my whole life, was actually a gift. My reality was flipped up-side-down. I studied to become a 'healer' and eventually became a Shamballa and Reiki Master.

Throughout my journey I was the persistent scientist, determined to uncover what works best for health of mind and body. Making my body the experiment, I dove into nutrition, meditation, yoga and the mysteries of the energetic world.

Through it all I learned how food, meditation and yoga can make a huge difference in ones health- mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. 

We all have the ability to stay vibrant and vital, and to age gracefully with wisdom and knowledge. I am honored to teach the tools that we can all use to accomplish this and shine brightly!