Sound Healing

Saturday, 2/22/20, 2pm

A sound healing session involves sound and vibration. The singing bowls are a tool Cheryl uses to help bring balance to the chakra system. The tone and vibration of a particular sound(singing bowl)on the musical scale relates to your individual chakras. C D E F G A B C. As well, sharps & flats of these musical sounds help to shake up energies that may be "stuck" along the chakra line.

Allowing these sounds/tones to gently flow into your being will bring about a balancing of the chakras and a sense of relaxed well being. Cheryl will also use her voice and or other musical "tools" during the sound healing session.

Receiving sound/vibrational energy is pretty easy. You lie on the floor (yoga mat with a blanket if you think you might feel chilly) in the most comfortable way you can, set your intention for your healing (can be for yourself or others) and allow your heart to gently open and receive the sound energy into your being.

Do not be surprised if you actually fall asleep during this experience!


Limited space, registration recommended


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