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Live Classes Using Zoom

All classes are FREE, but if you would like to donate you may use the link below


You are also welcome to sign-up for classes in advance (not required)

by either purchasing a free class, a donation class, or using your class passes.

Go to and use your email address as your login

Any issues please email me, or text 413-591-8538

Join Class Via Zoom

Option 1: Connect to

Option 2: Log into 

and Click the “Join a Meeting” tab.

{You can find the tab on the top right corner of the Zoom homepage}


Enter the Meeting ID: 840 1762 8205,

then click “Join.”

NEW! Password: yoga

Click 'Join with Computer Audio' to enter class

You may first want to test your internet connection and become familiar with Zoom here.

Helpful Zoom Tips

Start the login process early so that you are ready to go at class time.

For best viewing of the class, use a computer/laptop 


If you are using a phone or tablet, you'll need to download the Zoom app and enter the Meeting ID number


You will enter the class with VIDEO turned OFF and may choose to turn it on (recommended)


You will enter the class MUTED to eliminate any confusing background noise 

Tips for Practicing Online Yoga Class


Find a comfortable and peaceful space in your home.

Your video is automatically turned off . It is recommended to turn it on. It makes it much more like we're all together and it also allows Emily to help keep your practice safe (please note: other participants can see you as well)

Have a couple household items nearby to use as props, such as blankets, pillows (even small couch cushions work), a few heavy books and a chair can be helpful. (Of course, if you have a bolster, 2 blocks, and 2+ Mexican blankets, that would work well!) Sometimes we use a strap, but a belt, scarf or even rope would work, too

Do your best to attend like it's a real class, perhaps shut off devices and give yourself the time to fully immerse in the practice.

Online Yoga Class Schedule (in EST)

Monday's- 9-10am, Gentle Yoga Flow with Pashelle


Tuesday's- 10-11:15a, Gentle Yoga with Emily

Thursday's- 4:30-5:45p, Yin/Restore + Yoga Nidra Meditation with Emily

Friday's - 5:00-6:00pm, Gentle Yoga Flow with Pashelle

Sunday's- 10-11:30a, Gentle Yoga + Back Care with Emily

YouTube Videos to support your home practice


Gentle Yoga + Back Care

A slow and gentle class to support optimal health. Includes restorative poses using props and cushions to reduce stress, improve flexibility and restructure the body. Extra care taken to support back issues. 

Gentle Yoga for Health

Keep the body & mind strong with this balanced, slow and gentle yoga class to support optimal health. Explore healthy mind and body awareness while creating a yoga practice that is fully your own. Includes breath-work, joint-freeing movements, strength-building, gentle stretches for flexibility and meditation. 

Gentle Yoga Flow

A gentle flow focusing on movement with the breath, supporting the gift of just being able to Let Go

Yin / Restore + Yoga Nidra Meditation

Enjoy long-held yin-yoga poses to open energy channels, improve joint health, increase flexibility, calm the mind and realign the body. Gentle, restorative poses soothe the nervous system, passively restructure the body, and provide deep relaxation.

Class closes with a guided Yoga Nidra meditation, a technique that affects waking consciousness- potentially aiding in reduction of stress, insomnia, anxiety, fear, anger, addiction & chronic pain- through altering unconscious patterns from a state of relaxed attention.

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