Pashelle L. Clayton, CYT


Pashelle was introduced to yoga for the first time in the Berkshires almost 12 years ago.


Her relationship with yoga transitioned after her first visit to Red Barn Wellness over 5 years ago which is where her practice began to deepen.


After participating in multiple programs at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, her practice began to strengthen.


Pashelle has recently completed her 200 Hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher Certification.  She has spiritually felt over the years that this accomplishment would be in her path.


She is overjoyed by the opportunity to bring her style of combining creative sequencing that nurtures the mind, body and soul to inspire and deepen the practice of her students.


Emily Pearl Alfano, BSc, CYTher, AADP

Emily has been practicing Vipassana (Insight) meditation & various styles of yoga since 1998. In 2010 she left her career as an Environmental Scientist, gave away her possessions, and spent 3 years traveling the world living in ashrams, Buddhist retreat centers, and studying yoga, meditation, energy-work and healing with master teachers. 

Her teaching style emphasizes the healing benefits of yoga poses, breath work and a mindful yoga practice. She has certifications in four styles of yoga, advanced training in using Chakra Yoga to facilitate healing, and is a Certified Yoga Therapist.


Emily is also a Certified Health Coach, with advanced Certification in Gut Health. She has been guiding clients to better health with nutrition, diet and lifestyle since 2012. 


Emily is eternally grateful for the numerous teachers who have generously shared their knowledge and wisdom. As Owner/Director of Red Barn Wellness, she is honored to work with gifted teachers to co-create the safe, healing space that is the Red Barn.


Sabrina Jaffe, CYT  

Sabrina is an entrepreneur dedicated to supporting people’s shifts in consciousness, communication and community, as they navigate the intricacies of leading, growing, or starting a business or creative endeavor. She is an artist, spiritual seeker, avid traveler and humble student of the people and cultures of our world.


She began her yoga career over 20 years ago when she was searching for something that would alleviate her back pain during pregnancy.  Since then, the peace and inner growth she’s experienced through asana, breathwork and meditation has inspired her to finally share this practice with the world.


She completed her 250-hour yoga teaching certification at the amazing Caribe Yoga Academy in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. She is passionate about wellness and believes in yoga’s ability to foster deep connection, presence and compassion with one’s own body and mind.


Laura Lin

Laura Lin is a licensed massage therapist, Kripalu certified yoga teacher, Reiki master, and dance teacher living and working in the Berkshires since 2003.  A dancer since the age of 8, Laura has been passionate about dance and connecting to her essential self through the medium of movement.  She has taught dance since her teen years. Since then, she has taught children and adults in dance, yoga, Mandarin Chinese, English as a Second Language, and Waldorf Early Childhood Education.  She has studied and worked in the healing arts at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and has taught and performed at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival.  Her sense of adventure led her to become a certified hang gliding pilot in her college years. She is also a certified scuba diver.  Her latest adventures have been as a foodie cooking and exploring local cuisine with her boyfriend Ron.  Laura has a passion for self-care, well-being, and experiencing life through the senses.  She works with clients to cultivate this knowledge and wisdom into a healing practice for their lives.  Laura lives in the Berkshires with her two sons, Ethan, 14 and Euan, 10.