the yoga teacher


Emily Pearl Alfano, BSc, CYTher, AADP

Emily has been practicing Vipassana (Insight) meditation & various styles of yoga since 1998. In 2010 she left her career as an Environmental Scientist, gave away her possessions, and spent 3 years traveling the world living in ashrams, Buddhist retreat centers, and studying yoga, meditation, energy-work and healing with master teachers. 

She has certifications in four styles of yoga, advanced training in using Chakra Yoga to facilitate healing, and is a Certified Yoga Therapist. Emily is also a Certified Health Coach, with advanced Certification in Gut Health. She has been guiding clients to better health with nutrition, diet and lifestyle since 2012. 

Emily's teaching style emphasizes the healing benefits of yoga poses, breath work and a mindful yoga practice. She supports her students in listening to the messages of the body and honoring what is heard.


Emily is eternally grateful for the numerous teachers who have generously shared their knowledge and wisdom.