Why Yoga?


Still confused about bringing some yoga & meditation into your life?


Believe it's for 20-somethings with gymnast bodies who can put their foot behind their head? Or maybe only for granola types?


Think there's no way yoga could be for you?


Please, think again and read on...


Why Yoga?


In the ancient practice of yoga we use breath, mind, and movement to empower ourselves into a state of health. Yoga enhances strength, flexibility, confidence and energy, and it improves concentration and mental clarity.


Some say practicing yoga is like aging in reverse!


Yoga is an ideal option to aid healing, whether it be injuries of the body or mind. Through yoga, we take responsibility for our own health by learning how to listen to, and thereby rejuvenate our bodies. And remember, yoga can be done at any age!


Why Meditation?


Studies have found meditation to help the mind stay sharp as we age, lower blood pressure, and help those suffering with depression, anxiety or PTSD.


Meditation is the antidote to the monkey-mind. You know, that mind that takes you on a wild ride and keeps you at its' mercy? With simple techniques, you can tame that mind and end the tormenting inner dialogue. In other words, you learn to control your thoughts, not the other way around.


At Red Barn Wellness, breath, concentration and mindfulness techniques from many spiritual disciplines, including yoga and Buddhism, are taught. These techniques are ideal for smoothly transitioning into meditation and (with lots and lots of patience and practice) a peaceful, still mind. 


What About Breathing?


The breath is used in both yoga and the path toward meditation. It is a fantastic way to find the present moment. Find your breath and there it is! You are no longer in the past, you are no longer in the future, you are back to the now.


Unfortunately, most of us are breathing in a very limited way. Often our breath is shallow and restricted, and we are not utilizing our body as the incredible oxygen uptake device it was designed to be.


Learning how to breathe effectively is the most powerful skill you could have to improve your health. Breath-training is included in every class at Red Barn Wellness. You'll learn how to get the most out of your breath and, in turn, increase your energy, heighten your mood, and improve overall vitality!


Could Yoga, Meditation and Breath Training

Help You? 



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